How I Grew my Email List From 0 to 1,000 Subscribers in Just a Few Months (Launch Your List Series)

How I grew my email list from 0-1000 subscribers in just a few months (and you can too!) Just click through to read the full post.

Hey there! Welcome to the final part of the Launch Your List blog series! In this 4-week series, I’ll be teaching you the basics of launching a successful email list.

If you’re just tuning in, then here’s a summary of the topics we’ll be covering in this series:

  1. 3 Free Tools to Help You Build a Successful Email List
  2. 15 Things You Can Send to Your Email List
  3. 10 Mistakes People Make When Starting an Email List
  4. How I Grew my Email List From 0 to 1,000 Subscribers in Just a Few Months

In today's post, I’m going to sharing my secrets of how I grew my email list from 0-1000 subscribers in just a few months! So here it is…

(Some of the links below are affiliate links, however I only recommend products and services that I actually use and really love!)


1. I started using ConvertKit

The first 9 subscribers I collected was while I was using MailChimp and it took me around 3 months to get those 9 subscribers. While MailChimp is a great free email service provider, I found it difficult to have multiple opt-in incentives and content upgrades so I decided to switch to ConvertKit. I have to admit, at first I was a little concerned about making the monthly investment, but it’s honestly the best decision I could've made. Since making the switch to ConvertKit and incorporating more content upgrades, I grew by list by 800% in a month!

There are many features that makes ConvertKit an awesome email service provider, but my two favourite features are the tags & segments and automations. Tags & segments allow you to get a better understanding of what your audience is interested in, so you can optimise your email campaigns towards them. This also helps you organise your subscribers and exclude certain groups from different broadcasts.

Automations is a brilliant feature that allows your email marketing system to run on autopilot. The ‘trigger’ and ‘action’ method means you can give specific rules to automatically set everything up the way you want it. For example, every time someone subscribes them to a new form, you can set it to automatically add them to certain sequence.

These features allow me automate my email marketing system exactly the way I want, so I can sit back and relax and know it’s all been taken care of! If you want to read more about why I recommend using ConvertKit, check out this post!


2. I created a great opt-in incentive

An opt-in incentive is a free offer of relevant value to your audience, in exchange for contact information, such as an email address. (This can also be referred to as a lead magnet, signup offer, signup incentive, opt-in freebie or content upgrade.)

The purpose of an opt-in freebie is to persuade your website visitors to sign up to your email list by offering them an “irresistible bribe”, which is usually in the form of a free informational product that they are likely to desire.

But before you create your opt-in incentive, you need to think carefully about what your target audience wants! It has to be something they will value to make them want to subscribe to your email list in the first place!

So ask yourself… what can you help them with? And what format with be most useful to them? This could be something like an email course, ebook, checklist, worksheet etc.

I personally used an email course for my opt-in incentive and I have found it is very effective at converting loyal email subscribers. This is because I provide my audience with valuable information in a series of lessons which I then drip-feed to them over a period of a 5-10 days. This gets them used to receiving regular emails from me and it helps me connect with my new subscribers quickly.

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3. I optimised my website for email conversions

Getting people to subscribe to your email list in the first place is the most challenging part. But the thing is, most of the time your website visitors won’t just do what you want them to do unless you tell them!

This means if you want your visitors to sign up you you email list, you have to make it very easy and clear for them to do this! The more opportunities you provide them to sign up, the more email conversions you will get!

I have multiple signup forms throughout my website. I have an opt-in button on my homepage, a landing page in my navigation bar, a signup form in my footer and blog sidebar, an announcement bar that links to my landing page, a pop-up form when a new visitor lands on my site, aaaand I include a content upgrade in many of my blog posts. So I really don’t leave any changes for website visitors to slip away without joining my list. You need to do the same my friend!

If you still need help optimising your website for email conversions, check out this post for more details!


4. I incorporated content upgrades in my blog post

A content upgrade is similar to an opt-in incentive or lead magnet, but it is added to the end of a blog post as a piece of “bonus content”. This is usually very specific to the post and can only be downloaded when the visitor enters their email address.

A content upgrade could be a workbook, question sheet, printable guide, checklist etc. These are commonly in PDF format so it’s easy for everyone to download, print or refer back to later.

The best way to incorporate content upgrades is to analyse your five top performing blog posts and create a useful piece of bonus content for each one. Then add an opt-in form to the bottom of each blog post.

Content upgrades are always incredibly effective at converting email subscribers. If someone is reading your blog post they are obviously very interested in that particular subject, so they are also bound to be interested the extra bonus content you are offering on the same subject!

A perfect example is Melyssa Griffin’s use of a content upgrade in her blog post. She features a picture of her incentive on the blog post thumbnail image, this inspires people to click through and read the post. In her post she then has an image that clicks through to the signup form where the visitor enters their email address to download the incentive.

So there we have it, I hope you enjoyed this series! Let me know what you thought in the comments below.


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