10 Reasons Why I Use Squarespace for my Blog and Website

10 Reasons Why I Use Squarespace for my blog and website.

I’ve definitely spent my fair share of time experimenting and testing out different website and blogging platforms. In the past i’ve used Blogger, Wordpress and many, many different web design programs.

Recently, I started looking for a design program that could integrate my blog and website, so everything was in the same place. I discovered Squarespace and it’s been a complete game changer for me.

Not only did I find the perfect platform to design my own website, but I also found that Squarespace offers everything I need to design, customise and set up beautiful websites for my clients, that allows them to manage and update their sites easily by themselves. 

I no longer have to spend hours contacting customer support over things that shouldn’t even be an issue. Squarespace just works! So today's blog post is 10 reasons why I love using squarespace, and why I think you will too!

Customisable Templates

Squarespace websites use customisable templates, making it very easy for everyone to use; even website newbies! I love that they offer a large variety of different templates, and they are categorised into businesses, portfolios, blogs, musicians, restaurants, weddings and personal websites. This makes it easier to find a template that best suits what you are looking for from your site.

10 Reasons Why I Use Squarespace: Customisable Templates

On the Squarespace website, under each template, they list all the features of each individual template, along with a live demo and lots of examples of other sites that have used that template. This is great because it allows you to see exactly how each template looks, what it offers, and how it can be customised before you start using it.

10 Reasons Why I Use Squarespace: Customisable Templates

Unlike many template based web design programs I have used in the past, Squarespace allows you to really make your new site look unique through customising the design. You can change the background colours, layouts, text colours, fonts and button styles to ensure your new site stands out.

Cohesive Design

As I specialise in branding for small businesses, ensuring my clients websites completely fit with their brand aesthetic is very important. 
Squarespace is a dream to work in because it allows me to design and customise the chosen templates to truly reflect my client's brands, providing them with clean, professional and stylish websites that compliments their brand identity. 
Once the design is set, my clients can update their sites as much as they like without having to worry about ruining the design. Each new page, blog post or paragraph of text added will automatically follow the style of the site. This allows everyone to have a beautiful looking website without being a designer.

User-friendly Interface

It’s important for my clients to be able to update their new websites and blogs whenever they like. As most of my clients don’t know much about web design, it’s essential that it is simple and easy for them to do this.

Squarespace uses drag and drop features, which allow you to add new elements into the site, and easily move around the existing ones to change up the layout.
You can insert text, images and other widgets by just clicking where you want to add them, and then selecting the option off the list that appears.
The whole website and blog are based off this, making it easy to maintain the site and update the blog.

10 Reasons Why I Use Squarespace: User-friendly Interface

Squarespace has a panel on the left of the site with different options. This makes it easy to view the website pages, update the site settings, change aspects of the design and check the site stats.


With a greater number of people using their mobiles and tablets to surf the web, it is important that your website is optimised for these devices. Squarespace ensures your website looks great on all screen sizes and automatically displays the appropriate image size for whatever screen size your viewer is using.

10 Reasons Why I Use Squarespace: Compatibility

Squarespace is very compatible, so you can easily integrate your social media accounts, allowing you to add buttons and widgets to your site, connecting and displaying content from your social platforms. 
You can also connect to your mailchimp account, allowing you to send data from your forms and sign up boxes, and add them straight into your mailchimp lists.

Great Help & Support

Squarespace offers great help and support options, consisting of articles, video tutorials, a forum and a live chat support. 

10 Reasons Why I Use Squarespace: Help & Support

The video tutorials are a great starting point when you want to learn how to do something within squarespace. The short videos provide an overview of the topic to help solve your problem. There is also a massive library of articles which provide more detailed step-by-step tutorials and information on every feature squarespace offers.

As well as this, Squarespace has a forum where you can search previously answered questions on your topic, or you can start a new question if you can’t find the answer you are looking for. Other users can then respond to your question and help you out.

If you're still struggling, you can contact customer care through email or live chat, and have a member of the Squarespace team, personally help solve your problem. 

I’ve personally never had to contact the customer care team, as I have found everything to work smoothly, but it’s nice to know it's there if you need it! Any questions I have had, I found the answer straight away in the articles or forum.

Easy To Transfer

Transferring over to a new site can be a complicated process, but using Squarespace was the quickest and easiest transfer I’ve ever experienced. 
I transferred my domain name from GoDaddy and it was an incredibly quick process. Squarespace did all the work and a few clicks later it was done. From the drop down list you can choose who you domain provider is, which makes the transfer quick and simple.

Importing old blog posts was also a piece of cake. In the settings, you can go to Import/Export and there is a section where you choose the platform you wish to import your content from. You then enter your URL and squarespace handles the rest for you. You can import content from V5, Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger, Etsy, Shopify and Big Cartel. 

10 Reasons Why I Use Squarespace: Easy to Transfer - Joanna Kay

While you're transferring content and setting up your new site, Squarespace allows you to set up a cover page. This means if anyone visits your site, they will see a ‘coming soon’ page, which can be customised to reflect your brand, instead of your work-in-progress site.

All Inclusive

Squarespace is all inclusive and everything you want is in one place! 
If you’re starting from scratch you can get your domain name and email included in your package, so you don’t have to buy one with another provider and transfer it.

The main reason I love Squarespace is because it allows me to have my blog and website in one! This is great because I don’t have to connect the two with links or coding, they are both part of the same site. This is also great for search engine optimisation because all your blog traffic, is increasing the whole site traffic!

You can also include other features such as a shop, gallery, portfolio and calendar in your website. This also helps simplify everything in one place, so you don’t have to have to use a different platform for each feature. 

10 Reasons Why I Use Squarespace: All Inclusive

There is also the option to view your website statistics so you can keep track of your views and where they are coming from. It displays the data in a clear and simple way, which is great for those who aren’t into really advanced tracking and are intimidated by Google Analytics. 

Password Protect Pages

There are many great uses for this feature. I personally use password protected pages to create a user login area. This makes it very easy to create a ‘membership area’ for customers. I use this feature for my hidden page with free resources, that my subscribers can access when they sign up to my newsletter.

I also like to use this feature to set up a client portal. When I get a new design client, I set them up their own project page, which only they can see. I then post everything to do with their design project on this page, so all the important information and documents, is in one main place. This saves files getting lost in long email chains.

10 Reasons Why I Use Squarespace: User Login

You can set a password to keep the pages secure, and only the people you give the password to can access the page. You can also update the password as often as you like for extra security.

No Coding Required

Many sites, even simple blogging platforms like Blogger and Wordpress, require you to edit some code at some point if you want to style or customise your blog. Coding can be very complicated and tricky for beginners, which is why it’s amazing that Squarespace doesn’t require this. You don’t have to touch a bit of code to set up a beautiful website in Squarespace.
But if you know a thing or two about code, and you want to make some advanced changes to the site, there is the option to do so this also. It’s a win win situation. 

14 Day Free Trial

Of course, I had to leave the best until last! The 14 day free trial.
You can start up your trial without having to enter any credit card details, so you can trust you aren’t going to get charged if you forget to cancel the trial. If you decide Squarespace isn’t for you during the trial period, you don’t have to pay a thing.

This gives you the confidence to set up your new site in trial mode, you can knock yourself out experimenting with all the features, and setting up the site just how you want it.
During this time you can check that everything works just how you want it too, and you even get a free temporary domain, so you can view the site live. Then once your 14 days is up, you can set up your billing information to launch your site and use your own domain.

I use this to design my clients sites in trial mode for 14 days. I can set it up and transfer everything  to make sure the site looks fabulous and ready for launch. Then I add my client as an admin, and allow them to set up their billing information, so they can manage their own account.

All in all, i’ve found Squarespace to be very successful. I hope this post has been helpful and you’ve learnt something new.

Do you use Squarespace, or have you still got your heart set on another program?  I’d love to hear your thoughts, let me know in the comments below!

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