20 Blog & Business Tasks You Can Do in Twenty Minutes + Free Checklist

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Do you ever just find yourself sat at your desk feeling overwhelmed and not sure what to work on next? Or wasting time jumping from task to task not really getting anything done? Yup… We’ve all been there.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of 20 blog and business tasks to help you boost your performance in just twenty minutes. It’s time to start being productive and put those spare twenty minutes to good use!

P.s. I’ve made you a free printable checklist at the end of the post!

1. Pitch a collaboration idea with a fellow blogger in your niche.
Collaborating with other bloggers is not only a great way to grow your traffic, but also gives you an amazing opportunity to build a friendship with others in your niche. Reaching out to a fellow blogger with a collaboration idea could be the best thing you do today!

2. Tidy your workspace.
A clearer workspace always help clear your mind and help you focus on the rest of your tasks. Here’s a great quote to motivate you: “The only way to discover our true potential is to clear out the clutter and focus on what matters.”

3. Sit down and create an action plan for the upcoming week.
Twenty minutes planning now could make a massive difference to the success of the rest of your week. Planning can improve your productivity by assessing the tasks that need to be done and assigning days and times to do them. This helps you to keep on track and sets you up to achieve your goals.

4. Plan and schedule your social media posts for the next couple of days.
Scheduling your social media posts ahead of time is an amazing idea. Not only does it save you time each day, but it allows you to focus on the rest of your tasks knowing your social media is taken care of. Plus it stops you getting distracted and wasting time scrolling through your Facebook or Twitter feed.

5. Send a pitch to a brand you would like to work with.
Sometimes you won’t get what you want unless you ask for it. Instead of sitting around waiting for your dream brand to find your blog and reach out, email them! Spend 20 mins drafting a pitch and send them an email explaining your ideas and why you would like to work with them.


6. Brainstorm blog post ideas for the next month.
Preplanning blog post ideas saves you from panicking the night before your next blog post is due. It gives you time to think more about your upcoming posts, meaning you write more valuable content that your readers will actually enjoy.

7. Create an exciting graphic for a blog post.
Spice up one of your existing blog posts by creating an exciting graphic! Creating new thumbnail images for your posts, to share on social media, is a great way to attract people’s attention and increase your blog traffic.

8. Update an old blog post and republish it.
Updating old blog posts is a great way to reuse your buried content. Chances are those old posts hardly get any traffic, so all that great content is going to waste. Updating these posts gives you an opportunity to add more information to those posts to make them even more valuable. This means when you repost, they will receive more traffic and be helping more people with the information.

9. Create an outline for your next blog post.
It can often be overwhelming to sit down and write an entire blog post at once. So, break it up. Write the outline now, and come back and fill it out later. Even the biggest of tasks can be made a lot more manageable when you break them into chunks. 

10. Make a list of your business goals for the next month.
According to a study by Dr. Gail Matthews, you are 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals just by writing them down. This is because it confirms what you really want and motivates you to take action to make it happen. It also allows you to see the progress you are making which encourages you to continue to work hard.

20 Minute Blog & Business Tasks Checklist

11. Reply to 5 quick emails.
Time to tackle your inbox. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the emails in your inbox and don’t know where to start, just spend 20 mins responding to 5 short emails. Then you’ve got 5 less emails to reply to later!

12. Leave a thoughtful comment on 5 other blog posts.
Did you feel inspired by someone's blog post recently? Let them know! Leave a nice comment on a couple of blog posts you enjoyed. Not only will the author appreciate it, but it’s a great way to make friends in the blogging community.

13. Follow 5 new people in your niche on social media and send them a message saying hey!
It’s always nice to have fellow business friends. Social media is a great way to make friends and get to know people, so send a quick message introducing yourself to other bloggers or businesses in your niche. 

14. Reply to 1 long email.
20 minutes is about the perfect amount of time to sit down and reply to that one lengthy email that you’ve been putting off. Or, if you find yourself getting the same kind of emails every day, why not draft a template email response to save yourself some time next time you get a similar email.

15. Draft your next newsletter email.
Don’t leave next week's newsletter to the last minute so you're scrambling around trying to find something useful to write about. Get ahead of yourself and plan it out now and it’s bound to be twice as awesome!

16. Print out some inspirational pictures or quotes and stick them on your wall.
Taking time to motivate yourself can be one of the most productive things you can do for your blog/business today. Every time I come across an inspiring picture or quote it gives me a fresh boost of enthusiasm and determination to get things done.

17. Update your website. 
Got new questions to add your your FAQ page? Is your ‘about me’ page out of date? Are you making these blog sidebar mistakes? Now is the perfect time to give your site a bit of a refresh!

18. Take a walk with a notebook, brainstorm new ways you can improve your business. 
It’s always a good idea to take a break from technology every now and then. I find taking a walk and getting some fresh air really helps the creativity flow. As soon as I step back from my work and get some perspective, I get new exciting ideas and great solutions to any problems I’ve been facing. Give it a try!


19. Research a new tool or software that could help improve your business.
Recently heard of a new program or tool that could help improve your business? Spend some time researching it to see if it’s worth investing in. Time is money, so if there’s a way to automate a system, or complete a task faster, It could be an investment worth making.

20. Make a checklist of your business workflow and print it out.
You may think you know your workflow off by heart by now, but it doesn’t help to have an overview where you can see it. Help yourself get more productive and better organised by focusing on the tasks in order. This is also a great way to check you’re not skipping over any steps and gives you the opportunity to review any areas of your workflow that could be made smoother.

20 Minute Blog & Business Tasks Checklist - Joanna Kay

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