20 Time Management Tips When You Work From Home

20 Time Management Tips When You Work From Home + Free Productivity Planner.

I don't know about you, but I can get very easily distracted. When you work from home it can be particularly hard to stay focused and not spend all day scrolling through your social media feeds! It's all down to you to keep yourself motivated! Luckily, I have your back!

Here's 20 quick tips to manage your time better and stay more focused throughout the day!

1. Stop trying to multi-task

Multi-tasking doesn't really get you anywhere, instead you just jump from task to task not really finishing anything. If you want to be really productive, focus on one job at a time!


2. Set yourself deadlines

Don't let things drag on all day. When you give yourself a deadline to complete a task, it makes you work harder and faster until the job is done.


3. Prioritise the most important tasks

It's easy to fall into the trap of starting your day with the smaller tasks. But, if you really want to really maximise your productivity, you should complete your tasks in order of importance.


4. Remove all distractions

Don't let yourself get distracted and waste time. I find it easiest to work in a quiet and clean space. You might also find it beneficial to block all social media websites during your work hours.


5. Keep your mind fresh

After working for several hours, it's easy to feel a little overwhelmed. Take regular short breaks and get fresh air to help clear your head.


6. Learn to work when your most productive

Get to know your most productive hours. Do you work better in the morning? Complete all the big tasks then and save the afternoons for the smaller things like replying to emails.


7. Set reminders so you stay on track

Set reminders throughout your day or week so you know what tasks need doing and when it's time to do them.


8. Turn off email alerts and limit inbox checking

If you still have email alerts on your inbox, turn them off now! When you constantly stop what you're doing to read and reply to incoming emails, it kills your productivity! Schedule time to check your emails twice a day and no more!


9. Batch your tasks

Do you have a lot of repetitive tasks that need doing frequently? I find it helps to do them in batches! Jobs like scheduling your social media can be done a lot faster if you do the whole week, fortnight or month at once!

10. Brain Dump your thoughts

It can be difficult to stay focused when you have loads of thoughts spinning around in your head. Use a spare notebook and practise brain dumping your thoughts. Every time your thoughts wander off topic, spend a few minutes and write down everything you're thinking about in the notebook. Once they are out your head you can stop thinking about them and get back on track.


11. Sometimes you need to say “no”

Sometimes opportunities arise that you just don’t have time for. Instead of compromising your time, you need to be more picky about agreeing to additional commitments. Sometimes saying “no” is a good thing.


12. Tidy your workspace

A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind. It’s difficult to focus when your workspace is a mess, so give it a tidy and see how it makes you feel!


13. Get more organised

Being organised can save you a lot of time! Spend some times setting up systems and workflows within your business to ensure everything runs as smoothly as it can.


14. Get in a routine

Establishing a good routine helps you increase your productivity. When you’re used to doing the same thing on a regular basis you get quicker and more efficient.  


15. Manage your stress

You can’t give your work 100% is you’re always stressed out. Consider meditation and exercise to help relieve those built up worries.


16. Delegate tasks

Your time is precious, so stop wasting it on things that you can pay someone else to do and focus on the tasks that really need your attention.


17. Break big projects into smaller steps

Taking on a big project can often be overwhelming and you don’t know where to start. Break it down into smaller more manageable steps and just focus on each task as it comes.


18. Don’t bite off more than you can chew

Don’t take on projects you can’t complete. Save yourself the stress and anxiety of trying to do everything and learn your limits.


19. Get inspired

Sometimes you just need a boost of inspiration to get you going. Find inspiring images, videos, quotes or stories to motivate yourself to take action.


20. Stop wasting time on things that don't matter

Finally, remember to focus on what matters. Stop nitpicking at the small details and focus on the bigger picture. What can you do to the most out of your time?

Want to make sure you're managing your time effectively every day? I've created a productivity planner to help you prioritise your most important daily tasks and stay on track. Just enter your email address below to download the planner for free!

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I've also created this nifty infographic to summarise this post and help you stay on track throughout the day. Feel free to save and print this image, or pin it to your Pinterest boards!

20 Time Management Tips When You Work From Home
20 Time Management Tips When You Work From Home

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20 Time Management Tips When You Work From Home