10 Ways to Add Value to Your Blog Post

Creating valuable content is one of the fastest ways to grow your blog, build a loyal audience, and increase your email subscribers! Not sure how you can make your posts super helpful? Click through to learn 10 ways you can add value to your blog posts!

Creating valuable content is one of the fastest ways to grow your blog, build a loyal audience and increase your email subscribers! Not sure how you can make your posts super helpful? Keep reading to learn 10 ways you can add value to your blog posts!

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1. Teach your readers something

One of the easiest and most obvious ways to add value to a blog post is to teach your readers something. Think about what knowledge or skills you have that you could pass on to your readers. Is there anything you’ve learnt recently that would also help out your audience? What do you know now that you didn’t know a few years ago?

For example, If you have a travel blog you could teach your readers tips for booking the best travel deals or how to travel with just a carry on bag. If you have a beauty blog you could teach your readers how to find the perfect foundation for their skin type, or your top tips for plucking eyebrows..


2. Tell a story

Sharing a story or a personal insight into your life makes you more relatable and helps your audience connect with you. This is because it shows your followers that you’re not just an anonymous blogger sat behind a computer, but a real person with real life experiences which they can relate too. If you share regular insights into your life and business, your audience will feel like they know you and are part of your journey.

So what kind of stories should you tell? You could share life lessons you’ve learned, mistakes you’ve made or talk about how you came into your profession and struggles and accomplishments you’ve encountered along your journey. It might be just what your subscribers need to hear! Reading about your struggles and success can give them a boost of confidence to keep going with their own goals. Your stories are what makes you human and your audience will love to hear them!

Plus, telling personal stories are a lot easier to write about! You don’t have to come up with fresh informational content, just write about what’s happened in your life recently. Just remember to make sure it actually relates to your blog or business and has a message or takeaway that can be of use to your followers!

3. Give step-by-step instructions

Adding step-by-step instructions with screenshots really adds value to a blog post because it allows the reader to actually see each step you're taking and follow along. Ask yourself, if you were a complete beginner on this topic, what would you want to know? How can you break this down into simple step-by-step instructions? Most people also find it easier to follow visuals rather than words, so adding in helpful images and screenshots can add even more value to the post.


4. Add a video tutorial

Video is another useful tool to create tutorials. Most people find video tutorials easier to follow along as it explains everything directly to them. Adding a video tutorial alongside your blog post would add extra value as it provides your audience with different options to follow the tutorial.

The video could be of you talking and explaining things to the camera, or you could create a more edited video with different clips of footage and a voiceover. It’s up to you! Just think about what will work best for your topic and what method will deliver the information in the easiest way for your audience to understand!


5. Inspire your reader

Blog posts don’t always have to be informational for them to be valuable, you could also create a blog post that inspires your reader. You could share your current goals, what you’re working towards or what inspires you etc. This could also inspire and motivate your audience!


6. Make it funny

Another great way to add value to a post is just to make the post funny! Maybe you want to share a funny video you came across, or tell a funny story? I could honestly spend hours scrolling through the relatable humour blog posts on Buzzfeed, some of them have me in stitches! If it’s made me laugh I would consider it worth reading and sharing!


7. Help your reader

Do you often get asked the same questions in your comments section? Or have you noticed other bloggers in the same niche keep getting asked the same questions? Help your audience out by creating a post solving their problems! You could also think about what problems you’ve encountered recently that your audience might also be struggling with. These kinds of posts are most valuable for your readers!


8. Create a roundup of useful resources

Creating a roundup of resources is always a great option. What posts, tools or products have helped you recently? Could it also help your audience? If so share it!

This can create a valuable post for your readers because it gives your audience everything they need in one place. This means they don’t have to go hunting for information all across the internet, you’ve done it all for them and you’re sharing the best and most helpful of all the resources!

For example, if you’re a lifestyle blogger you could create a post with your “monthly favourites” and share your favourite products, music, recipes, blog posts, youtube videos or films etc.
Or if you’re a fashion blogger, you could create a roundup post of your favourite fashion pieces and where to find them.


9. Show what goes on behind the scenes

Personally I love to see behind the scenes posts. Whether it’s how other people run their blog or just a general insight into their life. Call me nosey, but I find it fascinating! Your audience might also be really curious about how you do things and dying to read a blog post all about it!

10. Create a freebie

Finally, freebies are always a winner! Everyone loves a good freebie and it’s a great way to keep your audience interested in your blog. The freebie could be a printable checklist, worksheet, video, ebook etc. Just make sure it’s specific to the blog post for the most success and your readers won’t be able to resist the offer! If they’re interested in the post, why wouldn't they want an extra goodie for free?! You can also turn these freebies into a content upgrade, which is when you give it away in exchange for your readers email address. This is a very effective method for building your email list!

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