How to Create Purposeful Blog Content

Are your blogging with purpose? Or are you falling into the trap of sitting down and writing content for the sake of getting your next blog post out on time? If your answer was the latter, this is the post for you! Just click through to learn why it’s important to create purposeful blog content and how to write better posts!

Are you blogging with purpose? Or are you falling into the trap of sitting down and writing content for the sake of getting your next blog post out on time? If your answer was the latter, this is the post for you! I’m going to be teaching you why it’s important to create purposeful blog content, how can you ensure your blog post has purpose, plus 5 examples of purposeful posts. Just keep on ready baby ;)

Why is it important to create purposeful blog content?

It’s important to write purposeful blog content because each post you put out is a reflection of you and your brand. It needs to be good quality content that makes your readers want to come back for more!

Purposeful content has more meaning, passion and enthusiasm! Your readers can sense if you are excited to write the post and it’s something you actually want to share with the world. You want to give them a feeling of excitement to read more!

So don’t rush and create content just to reach a deadline, and don’t post just for the sake of posting. If your blog post has no purpose, it’s a waste of your time creating it and a waste of your readers time reading it!

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How can you ensure your blog post has purpose?

To ensure you're not just putting out random scattered content and attract different audiences, you need to plan your content in advance and have a purpose for each post.

Think about how will you benefit from publishing this blog post...

  • Will it bring you more exposure? 
  • Will it help market your business? 
  • Will it help get more people on your email list? 
  • Does it promote your products or services? 
  • Can you make money through affiliate commission?

Now think about how your audience benefit from this blog post…

  • Will they learn something new? 
  • Will it inspire them?
  • Does it give them value?
  • Will it encourage them to come back for more?

If your post doesn’t really do any of these things, then you’re better off giving it some more thought and starting over. Remember, you want create specific content to attract a specific audience so you can sell them a specific product! You’re using your blog as a way to lead your audience towards where you want them to go. Consider your blog posts an opportunity to prep your readers for your paid products/services. You can teach them a little about the topic, why it’s important, give them some tips and advice for free, and then guide them towards your paid products for more information!

Examples of purposeful blog posts


1. Teach something

One of the easiest ways to ensure your blog post has a purpose is to teach something. Think about what knowledge or skills you have that you could pass on to your readers. Is there anything you’ve learnt recently that would also help out your audience? What do you know now that you didn’t know a few years ago? If you provide quality information for your audience they will be more likely to come back to your website in the future and turn into potential customers.


2. Inspire people

Blog posts don’t always have to be informational for them to be valuable, you could also create a blog post that inspires your readers! Some of the best blog posts I’ve read have been ones that have really inspired me with my business or personal life.
You can inspire people by telling stories, sharing quotes or talking about your achievements and how you accomplished them. You could even share your current goals and what you’re working towards, as this could motivate your audience to have similar goals too!


3. Promote a product

This is the kind of blog post that will earn you money. You can do this by either promoting your own products or services, or someone else’s where you will earn a commission through a sponsored posts or affiliate links etc.
Remember, just because you’re promoting a product, it doesn’t mean the whole post has to revolve around the promotion. It doesn’t have to be salesy! You can just mention your product a couple of times throughout the post and link to the sales page. But by doing this your post already has a purpose, which is to build interest and direct your audience towards your paid products!


4. Create share-worthy content

This is the kind of post that has the potential to be shared a lot or even go viral! This could be a post revolving around a trend, a popular topic, something in the news, or even just something that’s relevant to your audience and valuable enough that people want to share it!
The advantage of having share-worthy content is the more your blog post gets shared, the more exposure you have. It’s basically free marketing! More people will start to visit your website, which means more followers, email subscribers and customers! Plus, better page views which leads to higher search engine ranking. It’s a win win!


5. Build a connection

This is the type of blog post where you focus on building a connection with your audience. You can share a story of something that’s happened to you, or find another way to bring out your human side. You want to give people the chance to connect with you on a more personal level. Building a connection with your audience is vital for the success of your business. Remember, people follow you because of you! They buy from you because they like you, your work, your message and the way to portray yourself!


I hope this post has given you some ideas! Leave a comment below if you found it helpful, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic!

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