5 Ways to Get Out of a Work Rut

Feeling stuck in a rut with your job recently? We've all been there! In this post I'm sharing 5 ways to get yourself out of that work rut and feeling motivated again! Click through to read more!

Feeling stuck in a rut with your job recently? We’ve all been there! Whether you’re feeling uninspired, got writers block, or don’t know what direction to go in next, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. 

In this post I’m going to be sharing my top 5 tips to help you get yourself out of that rut and feeling motivated again!

1. Assess your situation

My first tip is to take some time to think about why you are feeling this way. What’s causing the rut?
Maybe you don’t like your job. If this is the case you’re probably not going to feel happy and motivated again until you’re doing something you enjoy. Think about what you can do to change your job to something you feel passionate about.
Maybe you do like your job but there are certain aspects of it that you don’t enjoy. Think about how you can work around this. Could you find a way to outsource these things to someone else?
Or maybe you love your job but like with anything, you’re just not always motivated about it 24/7, that’s ok too! As long as you can recognise the cause of the rut, you can help yourself get out of it a lot quicker!


2. Take a break

Accept that motivation comes and goes in waves and it’s ok to just “not be feeling it” sometimes. Often when we get in a rut it’s because we just need a break!

Are you feeling overworked? Are you tired and not performing at your optimum?
You might just need a break from whatever you’re doing so you can recharge your batteries and come back to it feeling more motivated! Allow yourself the time you need to get back on your feet again. Remember to be easy on yourself, you’re doing your best!


3. Banish the overwhelm

Sometimes when we have too much to do, or put too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect, we get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing!
If you have a big project to work on that’s stressing you out, try breaking it down into smaller chunks. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself and just focus on one task at a time! Ask yourself, how can I use the next 12 hours to help me get closer to where I want to be?

4. Remember why you started

Think about why you started! Why do you do what you do?
Do you want to be more independent? Maybe you want to earn more money? Support your family? Help other people? Be your own boss? Whatever reason you started the job you're doing right now, is the same reason you shouldn’t give up! Remember the rut is only temporary and it will pass!

Here’s some tips:

  • Consider making a vision board. Choose photos that represent what you want to achieve and then think about how you’re going to get there!
  • Write your “why” down somewhere where you’ll see it often and remind yourself of it everyday!
  • Write yourself an email reminding yourself of why you started or what you want to achieve. Then use a tool like Letter to my Future Self to send yourself regular reminders to stay motivated.


5. Get inspired

What do you love about your job? What gives you that rush of motivation to try your hardest? Think about what can you do to get that spark back! Maybe you could read a motivational book or watch an inspiring film? Or follow in the footsteps of someone you look up too!

Try setting yourself new goals and targets, then create a plan of attack of how you can move forwards. Print out some motivational quotes and stick them around your workspace, this will remind you to have a more positive and determined outlook on things.

Finally, learn to recognise the difference between being stuck in a rut and procrastinating! Sometimes we’re just feeling lazy and don’t want to do things, but you’ve got to do it anyway! Once you make yourself do it, you’ll find yourself feeling super productive and back in the flow in no time! Need a kick up the backside? I find this video usually does the trick!


I hope you found this post helpful! What are your tips for getting yourself out a rut?

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