Has the Blogging Industry Become too Oversaturated?

Has the Blogging Industry Become too Oversaturated?

Blogging is becoming more and more popular by the day and it’s no longer uncommon to know, or have heard of someone that makes a full-time living from running a professional blog. But with such a dramatic increase in popularity, especially in the past few years, has the blogging industry now become too oversaturated?

This is a very common concern for a lot of people that are considering starting up their own blog. Many fear they are too late to the game and there’s already too many successful people in the industry for there to be room for them as well. If you’re thinking of starting a blog, but worried you can’t ‘make it’ as a blogger, this is the post for you!

Has the blogosphere become oversaturated?

My answer to this is yes and no, just what you want to hear, right? ;) I personally believe the blogging industry as a whole has become very saturated which certainly makes it harder to stand out against such a big crowd, however, that’s not to say the industry is too oversaturated. 

I still believe there are ways you can use the mass popularity of blogging to your advantage. For example, there are many niche markets out there that were unknown and have now gained more exposure since the blogging community arrived, but are still small enough to have less competition and a decent chance of competing. These niche markets are the key to successful blogging.

How to set yourself apart in an oversaturated Industry.

To set yourself apart in an oversaturated industry you need to be very clear about your niche and target audience. (If you’re struggling to find your niche, my free email course will help you out!) When you’re sure about exactly who your audience is, you need to providing content that will really help them. Focus on quality not quantity. There may be thousands of blog posts out there already on your chosen topic, but how many really informative and quality posts are there? A lot less. Now how many of those have real value to the reader? Even less. See the pattern here? Add value by going the extra mile to help your readers out. Give step by step instructions, create a complimentary workbook, answer other related questions your reader might have, inspire them, entertain them - whatever you do, just make sure your reader finishes your post and thinks ‘wow that was a fantastic read!’.

Another way to stand out is to do things differently and look for inspiration where no one else is looking. Don’t be afraid to stand out and think of different ideas. Have you ever noticed how one blogger will create a new post on a fresh topic and a couple weeks of later 20 other bloggers all have very similar blog posts on that same topic. That’s because everyone is looking towards other people in their market for inspiration. When a new idea comes up, everyone follows along like sheep in a herd. Don’t be a sheep! Take initiative and find inspiration elsewhere!

A great place to start is to go to your audience for inspiration. Focus on helping people and answer their questions. As long as there are people still asking questions, there’s still a need for people like you to help answer them. So to find the problems your audience is facing, you need to determine where your audience hangs out. Get creative with this, instead of scrolling through social media looking for things to pop out at you, get out the house and find them. For example, if you’re a fashion blogger, you could go to your nearest shopping mall and ask people face-to-face if they mind talking to you about what their biggest fashion struggles are. Write everything down and you’ve got yourself a bunch of original blog post ideas!

My last point is, it may have been done before but it hasn’t been done by you. You haven’t given your opinion, your spin on things or your advice on the matter. People will follow you because they want to hear about it from your perspective. Let your personality shine through, there's only one of you and that's what makes you unique. Embrace it and use it to your advance!

So, is it still possible to earn a viable income by blogging full time?

Yes I believe it is. Again you just have to get creative and think about how can you make your products or services different. Maybe you have a different kind of product, different process or a different outcome from your services?

Instead of looking at what products and services are already out there, look at what isn’t. The best way to make money in a busy market is to come up with a product or service that is needed but doesn’t already exist. Come up with a unique solution to problems your audience is facing and you’re onto a winner.

Finally, the easiest way to compete in an oversaturated industry is to not compete. Make your niche smaller and focus on helping a very specific group of people. You’ll be more successful being the ‘go-to’ person in a very small, specific niche than struggling to stand out within a larger and oversaturated niche. For example, say you walk into a bookshop. You could say that bookshop is pretty oversaturated right? I mean, there must be at least 10,000 books in there. But you’re looking for a specific book to help you. You find the ‘food and cooking’ section, it’s still pretty saturated but it’s more like what you’re looking for. Within that section you find a shelf of books called ‘vegan recipes’, that’s more like it! Now you have about 20 different options to choose from. You’re flicking through each book but none of them are particularly grabbing your attention, so you’re just about to leave when you suddenly see a book titled ‘easy vegan recipes when you’re allergic to nuts’. Omg! What are the chances! That’s exactly what you were looking for! You’re delighted to find a book that answers your specific problem and you buy it instantly.

You see where I’m coming from? It may be a much smaller niche, but people will be so much more likely to purchase something when it solves their exact problem. When you were looking through the ‘food and cooking’ section and even the ‘vegan recipes’ range, nothing was standing out and you weren’t particularly interested in any of them. That’s how narrowing down your focus can be so beneficial.

I hope this has encouraged you that there is still room for you in the blogging industry! If you’re new around here and thinking of starting your first blog, check out my free email course to help you learn all the tips and tricks from successful blogging pros!

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