How to connect ConvertKit and Squarespace

How to connect ConvertKit and Squarespace, A step-by-step guide to connecting your ConvertKit forms to your Squarespace website!

Squarespace and ConvertKit are my favourite website and email marketing platforms to use. Although there isn’t a direct integration option to connect them both, there are still two simple ways in which you can connect your ConvertKit form with your Squarespace website. In this post I’m going to show you how to do it!

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Creating your form


Step 1: Create a form

Let’s start by creating a new form. Once you’ve logged into your ConvertKit account, click the ‘Create Form’ button on your dashboard.

You can then choose 'a landing page’ or 'a form’. Click the form button to start.

Creating a ConvertKit form

Then you’ll be presented with three form options. Choose the style you wish to use.


Step 2: Customising your form

On the form preview, any area where you can click can be edited. You can edit the header, description, field text, button text and anti-spam message.

To add an image, click with the text cursor until the text editor bar appears, then click on the ‘Insert image’ icon to add an image of your choice.

Creating a ConvertKit form

Click on the ‘Magic Wand’ tool to change the text colour, accent colour and button colour for your form.

Creating a ConvertKit form

The ‘View’ button gives you a preview of what your form will look like.


Step 3: Form settings

To access the form settings click the ‘Settings’ tab on your form overview page.

The main settings page allows you to name your form, show a success message and give your subscribers the option to opt into a sequence when they signup.

Creating a ConvertKit form

The ‘Incentive Email’ tab allows you to turn your form into an opt-in form by sending your subscriber a gift after signing up. In the ‘Message’ box you can edit the email that your subscriber will receive as soon as they join your list. Then you can either redirect your subscriber to a thank you page on your website to download the lead magnet, your you can click ‘Incentive download’ to upload the file directly to the email.

Creating a ConvertKit form

The ‘Style’ tab allows you to choose how the form displays to your Subscribers. You can choose between the ‘Full’, ‘Minimal’ and ‘Naked’, which displays the form in different compact styles. The ‘Inline’, ‘Modal’ or ‘Slide In’ options allow you to only show the form after a set amount of time, or when triggered by a visitor scrolling or clicking to close the page.

The ‘Embed’ tab gives you the code you need to add your form to your website. You can choose between JavaScript, HTML and Wordpress short code.

The ‘Form Integrations’ tab gives you the information you need to connect your form with Twitter or Unbounce.

The ‘Other Options’ tab allows you to duplicate, archive or delete the form.

Connecting your form


Option 1: Embed the form using code

Once you’ve customised the form to your liking, you’ll need to embed the form onto your Squarespace website.

To do this, highlight and copy all the code on the ‘Embed’ tab.

Creating a ConvertKit form

Log into Squarespace and insert a code block wherever you wish to place your signup form. 

Connecting a ConvertKit form to Squarespace

Paste the code you copied and click save or publish the changes.

Your signup form should now appear on your website. It’s always a good idea to check this works by filling out the form with your own email address and make sure it adds you as a new subscriber. You can view your subscribers on the ‘Subscribers’ tab of the form overview.

Option 2: Connect your form using Zapier

If you wish to use a Squarespace button or form block, there is another way to connect this with ConvertKit. You can do this using Zapier, which is an app that allows you to connect different applications to help you automate your business.

First you’ll need to create a new form in Squarespace. Use the form block even if you want a button, you’ll see why later!

Connecting a Squarespace form to ConvertKit

This is what the default form looks like.
You can edit the form name and add or remove the form fields to your preference.

Connecting a Squarespace form to ConvertKit

Next click the ‘Storage’ tab and connect your form to Google Drive. Squarespace will automatically create a new spreadsheet to store the data collected from the form. You can name the spreadsheet in the ‘Spreadsheet Name’ box.

Connecting a Squarespace form to ConvertKit

Then click the ‘Advanced’ tab to further customise the form. Here you can change the thank you message, button text and button alignment. If you wish for your form to display as a button instead of the full form, check the box that says ‘Enable Lightbox Mode’.

Connecting a Squarespace form to ConvertKit

Great job! Now you just need to connect the form to ConvertKit using Zapier!

Create a new Zapier account and navigate to the dashboard, then click the button that says ‘Make a Zap!’.

Connecting a Squarespace form to ConvertKit

Select Google Sheets as the trigger app, as this is what will “trigger” new entries to be added to your ConvertKit form.

Connecting a Squarespace form to ConvertKit

Choose ‘New Spreadsheet Row’.

Connecting a Squarespace form to ConvertKit

Now log into your Google Drive account.

Connecting a Squarespace form to ConvertKit

Choose the new spreadsheet you’ve just created from the drop-down menu and then select ‘Sheet 1’.

Connecting a Squarespace form to ConvertKit

Now as the new spreadsheet doesn’t have any entries yet, you’ll receive an error message like this.

Connecting a Squarespace form to ConvertKit

To solve this problem you need to enter your own email address into the new form on your website as a test entry. To check it worked, log into your Google Drive account and find the new spreadsheet. It should look something like this…

Connecting a Squarespace form to ConvertKit

Now you can click the ‘Fetch & Continue’ Button and move onto the next step!

Choose ConvertKit as the action app.

Connecting a Squarespace form to ConvertKit

Select ‘Add a Subscriber to a Form’.

Connecting a Squarespace form to ConvertKit

Then connect your ConvertKit account.

Connecting a Squarespace form to ConvertKit

Now you’ll be asked to setup your ConvertKit subscriber. This is an important step as this is what transfers your subscribers from your Google Spreadsheet to your ConvertKit form.

In the ‘Form’ box, select your chosen form from the drop-down menu. In the ‘Email’ box’ select the option that has your email address and in the ‘Name’ box select the option that displays your name.

There’s also an option that allows you to opt your subscriber into a course. You can select ‘yes’ or ‘no’ from the drop-down menu. If your ConvertKit form is not linked to a sequence then select ‘no’.

Connecting a Squarespace form to ConvertKit

Zapier will then ask to to test it all works by creating a new subscriber. As you used your own email for the setup, it will just add you as the new subscriber. (You can always unsubscribe yourself again later!).

Connecting a Squarespace form to ConvertKit

Now it’s time to name your Zap so you can refer back it it easily in the future. Once you’ve done this, click the grey button to turn your Zap on so it starts working immediately.

Now you’re done! Your Squarespace and ConvertKit is all connected and ready to go. Zapier checks for new entries on your Google Spreadsheet every 15 minutes so you can relax and know it’s all running automatically!

Connecting a Squarespace form to ConvertKit

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