How to Find Time to Blog When You're a Busy Person

How to Find Time to Blog When You're a Busy Person + free printable blog post planner!

It can definitely be challenging to find time to blog when you’re a busy person. Maybe you’re a mum, got a full time job or studying at college? Whatever the case may be, you can still make it work if it’s important to you! You just have to be prepared to work hard and get good at time management.


Always have a notebook or a notes app on your phone to jot down ideas on the go. Whenever you have a spare few minutes, whether it be waiting at the bus stop or on your lunch break at work, use that time to brainstorm blog posts! All those spare minutes can be put to good use and if your time is limited you need to take all the opportunities you can!

Download the free 'blog post planner' at the end of this post and start jotting down ideas to form an outline for your next blog post. Then you’ve got a good starting point to save you time when you write it up later. If you spend a lot of time in the car, consider using voice dictation software to record your thoughts out loud instead of writing them down.

Use Asana. Asana is a great tool for planning blog posts. You can create projects and tasks and then set a date for each one to organise your time more efficiently. I find this really helpful for planning out my future posts and breakdown each post into step-by-step tasks. Sometimes I get overwhelmed when all my tasks are in my head or scattered around on different to-do lists, so when I have a step-by-step list it makes everything more manageable, especially when I can see an overview of all my blog ideas in one place!


My biggest tip is to plan, write and schedule blog posts a week or two in advance. This way you won’t have a last minute panic to get a new post out, you’ve always got blog content scheduled and ready to go. This takes a lot of pressure off, especially if you're a busy person and you don’t have always have time to work on your blog each week. 
If you haven’t got time to schedule two weeks in advance, consider creating just one or two backup posts, this way if you have a busy period in your life where you just don’t have time to write, you’ve still got a post ready to publish.

Schedule your social media. Scheduling tools allow you to prepare all your social media posts in bulk for the following week. This way you don’t have to worry about constantly posting throughout the day and you can spend your time on other tasks! I personally use Hootsuite to schedule my Twitter and Facebook posts. BoardBooster to schedule my Pinterest pins and Planoly to schedule my Instagram posts.

If you're not already using one, you definitely need a blog calendar. It’s important to stay organised, especially if you're a busy person and your head isn’t always in blog mode. A calendar can give you an overview of your planned posts, scheduled posts, newsletters, social media posts or any other blog commitments. This way you always know what's going on with your blog at all times.

I often used to sit down to write a new blog post and 10 mins later I would find myself scrolling through twitter and wasting time. Sound familiar? I found some nifty time tracking apps to avoid this problem and help me make good use of my time. My two favourites are Hours and Pomodrone on the app store. These apps are great if you get easily distracted because they allow you to block out a certain amount of time to really focus and then give yourself small breaks to help keep your mind fresh so you stay on track!


You know those monotonous blog tasks that take forever to do but need to be done? Yup, those ones. Well, outsource them! If you’re a busy person with limited time, every minute counts. Wouldn’t your time be better spent creating valuable new content and growing your blog further?

Consider hiring a virtual assistant. They can help with things like proofreading blog posts, adding links, scheduling social media, designing graphics, researching etc. If you outsource all those time consuming jobs, it will free up your time and take a lot of pressure off you. Giving yourself less tasks to juggle will also help reduce your stress and let you focus on the important stuff!

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