These 3 Myths Could be Preventing You From Making Sales Online

Believing these 3 myths it could seriously be holding you back from making sales online... click through to read the full post and learn more about the myths and what you should be doing instead!

Hey friends! Today’s blog post is all about myths that could be preventing you from making sales online. This post is actually based on a newsletter I sent out to my email list a few weeks ago, but it got great feedback and so many people reached out to me saying they could relate and it helped them, so I thought I’d share it on my blog too!

I’m going to cover the main 3 myths that held me back from making sales for so long when I was first starting my business. I hope by sharing this I can prevent you from making the same mistakes I did!


Myth #1: As long as you have a website online, people will buy your products or services.

Unfortunately it seems to be a common myth that it’s easy to make money online, and that all you have to do is create a website and put your products up and the sales will come rolling in. Now I’m sure a lot of you can agree that this is simply not true and it’s much harder and takes a lot more work than that.

When I was first starting out I was putting all my energy into creating products and I thought if I kept creating more products and putting more content out there then people would eventually find me and buy things, but sadly this was not the case. It took me a good 6 months before I realised I needed to focus on building an audience if I actually wanted to make sales online!

Ideally you should focus on building a loyal audience as soon as you start your business. This is because the sooner you build a following, the longer you have to provide them with valuable content and build a connection with them.

When your audience has got to know you better, they’ll become more invested in your business and what you have to offer. This means they’re a lot more likely to purchase from you and you’ll make more sales online right from the start!

Using social media, blogging, starting an email list and guest posting are all great ways to connect with your target audience and start building a following of your own!


Myth #2: Social media is the best tool to grow your business and make sales online.

Another very common myth is that social media is the best tool to make sales online. And while social media is still a great tool for getting yourself out there, it’s extremely difficult to make sales because social media just doesn’t convert well. Not to mention the constant algorithm changes mean that many of your followers aren’t even seeing your posts, unless you pay to get featured.

When I was first starting my business I spent hours and hours on social media. I thought social media was the best way to promote my business and get more customers so I would be constantly researching and implementing different strategies to try and get better results. However no matter what I did, nothing really made much of a difference. I did get some website traffic, but nothing worthy of the time I spent trying to get it! Sound familiar?

Well, I soon learnt that best way to grow your business and make sales online is to focus on building an email list. This is because you own your email list so you always have a reliable method of communication with your subscribers and you don't have to rely on social media to get your message out there!

It’s also a great opportunity to send regular emails and tell stories to help build trust and connect with your audience on a more personal level. You can also get to know your audience and what they are interested in, so when it comes to creating a product, you know exactly what they want. All this leads to your email subscribers being 15x more likely to buy from you than social media followers!

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Myth #3: Email lists are only for big businesses.

And finally, the last myth I believed was that email lists were just for big business. I thought that email marketing was just a way for big brands, like Amazon, to send sales emails to their customers. I didn’t realise that small businesses could (and should) start an email list, and I definitely didn’t understand how it could help me grow an audience and sell my products and services!

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