10 Stock Photography Websites for Bloggers and Creatives

10 Stock Photography Websites for Bloggers and Creatives, Best places to find styled stock photography, top stock photo resources

These days bloggers have such gorgeous and professional looking photos, it’s hard not to feel a little jealous. I mean, what could you want more than perfectly styled photos that match your own brand aesthetic?!

If you’re wondering where these photos come from and how you can get them for yourself, this the post for you! Today I’m sharing my 10 favourite stock photography websites for bloggers and creatives.

Why you should use stock photography

If you’re a blogger or a creative, visuals play a very important role in your branding.
We aren’t all professional photographers with a swanky DSLR camera, so stock photography is a great option for finding stylish photos that match your brand!

Stock photography is usually just a small investment but they can be used in many different ways to enhance your blog or business. Stock photos are very visually appealing and help your business look more professional. You could use them throughout your website, social media, products and advertising to grab people’s attention and attract them to your brand.

How you can use stock photography

There are many different ways you can use stock photography to enhance your graphics. Here are some ideas of how you can incorporate them into your branding:

  • Website banners
  • Social media banners
  • Social media graphics
  • Blog post graphics
  • Instagram images
  • Newsletter headers
  • Promotional graphics
  • Sidebar graphics
  • Digital products
  • Physical product mockups

Here are some of my favourite stock photography stores:

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links, however I only recommend resources that I really love!


1. White Heart Design Co

White Heart Design Co has a shop on Creative Market filled with beautifully styled photos. They also have a massive selection of product mockups such as stationery, clipboards and frames. This store is ideal if you run a creative business selling handmade cards and printable artwork.

10 Stock Photography Websites for Bloggers and Creatives - White Heart Design Co

2. Twiggy Posts

Twiggy Posts is another great shop on Creative Market. Their photos are very clean, bright and minimal which is great if you’re looking for some more subtle photos to enhance your graphics. Twiggy posts has a great selection of office supply flatlays, Ipad mockups and floral photo bundles making it perfect shop for creative business owners or lifestyle bloggers.

10 Stock Photography Websites for Bloggers and Creatives - Twiggy Posts

3. Design Love Shop

Design Love Shop is another of my favourite shops on Creative Market. This shop is a little different from the rest as they specialise in ‘custom scene creator’ mockups. This includes a photoshop file with a variety of editable smart objects. You can customise your own photos by moving the objects around the page to create different image arrangements out of the set of objects included in the bundle. 

They offer a wide selection of scenes, such as beauty product flatlays, apparel mockups, office supplies, desk scenes and macbook mockups. This shop is ideal for bloggers or online magazines.

10 Stock Photography Websites for Bloggers and Creatives - Design Love Shop


4. Her Creative Studio

Her Creative Studio has a great selection of simple, clean, feminine photography. Again this shop is perfect for bloggers as they specialise in flatlays, floral photos and styled desk shots with white backgrounds. Most of the images have neutral colours which makes it easier to fit in with the branding of your website. They also offer more minimalist images if your going for a “less is more” vibe.

10 Stock Photography Websites for Bloggers and Creatives - Her Creative Studio

5. Creative Convex

Creative Convex offers custom high-resolution photos for bloggers and creatives. Looking for quality images that reflect your brand and are completely unique to you? Chaitra from Creative Convex will do the work for you! Her custom photography services allow you to sit back and relax while she plans, prepares, shoots, edits and delivers you personalised images that match your own brand style. She also offers a free photo pack when you join her newsletter!

10 Stock Photography Websites for Bloggers and Creatives - Creative Convex


6. Haute Chocolate

Haute Chocolate is a stock photo subscription service aimed at female entrepreneurs, bloggers and creative professionals. The membership gives you unlimited access to lifestyle images, premade social media quotes, styled desktop images, product mockups, seasonal images and exclusive graphics. They have a massive range of stylish and feminine images, plus they add 50 new images to the collection every month!

10 Stock Photography Websites for Bloggers and Creatives - Haute Chocolate

7. Kate Max Stock

Kate Max Stock is another Creative Market shop! Can you tell I love creative market for stock photos? This shop is filled with hundreds of stylish and affordable photos that are perfect for bloggers and creatives in all kinds of niches! Kate has an amazing selection of feminine flatlay photos that are perfect for bloggers!

10 Stock Photography Websites for Bloggers and Creatives - Kate Max Stock


8. Pexels

Pexels is a great resource for free stock photos. They have a massive selection of professional images which are completely free to use, even for commercial purposes! Plus, they don’t require an attribution which is a great added bonus!

I especially love Pexels for finding quality photos of food, landscapes, nature, people and buildings, but they have a photo for pretty much any topic under the sun! If you’re looking for professional photos but you’re not ready to purchase any yet, Pexels is a great place to start!

10 Stock Photography Websites for Bloggers and Creatives - Pexels

9. Pixabay

Pixabay is another free website that offers thousands of royalty-free photos, videos, graphics and illustrations that you can use for any purpose. 

They have a great selection of categories including: Animals, Architecture and Buildings, Backgrounds and Textures, Beauty and Fashion, Business and Finance, Computers and Communication, Education, Emotions, Food and Drink, Health and Medical, Industry and Craft, Music, Nature and Landscapes, People, Places and Monuments, Religion, Science and Technology, Sports, Transportation and Traffic, Travel and Vacation. So no matter what your business topic, I’m sure you can find a professional photo that works for you!

10 Stock Photography Websites for Bloggers and Creatives - Pixabay

10. SC Stockshop

If you’re looking for more luxury photos for your business, SC Stockshop is for you. They have a wide range of styled photography that you can browse by colour or collection to help you find the perfect image for your brand.

They also focus on creating unique and exclusive images, so there are only 10 copies of each photo available for purchase before they remove it from the website, this way you can trust there won’t be loads of other people using the same photos as you!

10 Stock Photography Websites for Bloggers and Creatives - SC Stockshop



If you haven't already, I highly recommend singing up for a free Creative Market account. Creative Market is my favourite website for stock photos, graphics, themes and fonts etc.

The best part is they give away 6 free products every single week. I genuinely look forward to receiving their email every Monday, so I can go and download my free graphics goodies, they usually have some great stock photos for bloggers!


What are your favourite places to get stock photography? Leave a comment below!

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