10 Tips to Help You Simplify Your Business

Looking to simplify and organise your business so you have time to focus on what matters most? This is the post for you! Just click through to read my top10 ten tips to help you simplify your business.

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Hey guys! Today’s blog post is all about simplifying your business.

Ever since I read the book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, about a year ago, I’ve been practising living a more minimalistic lifestyle, and I have to say, I love it! It’s so much easier to relax when your living space is tidy, it’s easier to keep tidy when you have less stuff, plus it makes you feel so much better knowing that everything in your life is there for a reason. It has purpose, value and it brings you joy!

However I have to confess I’ve been doing the complete opposite with my business recently. Instead of having a simple business plan, I’ve been weighing myself down trying to do it all. I wanted to blog about all the topics, create loads of different products and services, be active on all the social media platforms, and grow my business in a bunch of different directions. The problem is, I had so many ideas I ended up being overwhelmed and not doing any of them! I’m sure you’ve experienced this before too.

So I decided it was time for me to take a step back and reassess my goals. I wanted to go back to the basics and have a more minimalistic approach to my business, so I took some time out to simplify my business and focus on my goals.

Are you looking to do the same?

Here’s my top 10 tips to help you simplify your business:

1. Brain dump
Get all your ideas out your head and onto paper so you can see exactly what’s on your mind and what you have to work with!

2. Prioritise
What are the most important tasks in your business right now? What brings in the majority of your income? What marketing strategies are most successful? What topics are most popular? Focus on those!

3. Refine your focus
What are your 3 biggest goals with your business? Just focus on these and break them down into smaller tasks. 

4. Assess your remaining tasks
Think about each of your remaining tasks. Is it important? Will it directly impact your business growth, income or website traffic? If not just cross it off your list! You can only do so much at once, too many tasks will just drag you down and overwhelm you. Sort the remaining tasks into short-term and long-term so you can focus on what’s important now!

5. Automate your systems
Make sure you’re using the easiest tools and software to get the job done. There’s no point overcomplicating things when you don’t have too! (These are the tools and resources I use to run my business, if you were wondering!)

6. Use your time wisely
Ask yourself, if I only had x amount of time and money to invest in my business this month or week, what would come first?

7. Create templates
Do you keep answering the same emails over and over? Create some template responses to save you time. Templates can be used in various ways throughout your business and they’re a great way to simplify your everyday business tasks.

8. Organise your digital files
Do you have files, images and folders everywhere and you don’t even know what half of them are? Then it’s time for a digital declutter! You can’t think straight if your documents are a mess, and everything will be much simpler when everything is in order and each document has a place!

9. Print out your workflow
Whether you’re a designer, coach, blogger or any other kind of creative entrepreneur, you’re bound to have a series of tasks that are part of your daily work flow. I recommend you write up your workflow, print it out and keep it on your desk or pin it up on your office wall. This way you can always be reminded of the next step to help you stay on track. This will also stop you from overcomplicating things and adding additional unnecessary steps and just going off track.

10. Outsource tasks
Finally my last tip is to outsource any tasks that you don’t enjoy doing, you don’t have time to do, or you know someone else could do a better job of. The best way to simplify a business is to ensure you’re using your time and skills wisely, so if you’re struggling to complete a project that you know another talented individual could complete quicker and better, then it’s time to hire them to take care of it and take some of the workload off yourself!


So my friend, I hope these tips have helped you out. If you take away one thing from this post, remember you should stop trying to do it all and focus on what matters and what will bring you the best results!

Got any tips of your own? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear them!

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