4 Reasons Why You Need Brand Consistency

4 Reasons Why You Need Brand Consistency + Free Brand Style Guide Kit

What is brand?

A brand is a summary of every aspect of a business's identity. It’s usually a complete package of a business's visual appearance, including a logo, business card, email signature, website, advertisements, packaging design, etc. It sums up the whole presence of a business and sets it apart from others in it’s industry.

Creating a unique brand identity shows people who you are and what you do. It’s important to stay consistent with your branding, this means using the same logo, slogan, colour palette, fonts and image styles throughout your business. Stay tuned until the end of the post, I'll give you a free brand style guide kit to help you with this!

Why do you need brand consistency?


1. it sets a Good first impression

It’s a known fact that people make a judgement of your site within the first 7 seconds of landing upon your page. If they don’t like the look, they’ll instantly leave. This means you’ve literally got 7 seconds to draw people in and make a positive impact. Want to know a good way to do that? Fabulous branding! This means it should reflect your business and stay consistent.

If your branding looks cohesive and your website looks attractive, you’ve got a much higher chance of keeping those visitors on your website. But if your branding, fonts and colour schemes are all over the place, people won’t stay around long enough to give you a second chance. Remember people associate the quality of your branding with the quality of you and your business, so if your branding is consistent, people assume your business is great!


2. it Looks professional

This leads us onto our next point which is that consistent branding just looks more professional! When you’ve invested time and money into creating a unique and consistent brand image, it speaks volumes. It instantly looks put together and people assume you know what you’re talking about.

If your brand image is all over the place it can give off a novice look, it doesn’t look professional and customers will be less trusting. Think of all the big brands and businesses you know, I’m sure they will all have quality branding that stays consistent throughout everything they do. They probably wouldn’t be known as a big professional business if they didn’t!


3. People recognise you

Ideally, you want your customers to be able to recognise you. If they see a photo from your blog or one of your products on social media, you want them to instantly be able to recognise its yours. This strengthens your identity and forms a better connection with your audience as they feel like they know you better.

Brand consistency builds trust with your customers because you look more stable. If you keep to a clear brand image for years it shows people your a reliable business. You're not all over the place and you’re here to stay!
Plus, when people keep seeing your branding over and over and it gets ingrained in their memory, they will soon be able to instantly identify you from a quick glance at a section of your graphics. Think about some of the most well-known brands out there, for example Nike, McDonald's and Coca Cola. They’ve stayed consistent with their brand image and used the same colours, logos and slogans for years. You’d probably recognise them from a mile off!


4. it Sets you apart from your competitors

Brand consistency helps separate you from the crowd. It clearly defines you and your business and prevents you from getting mixed up with your competitors or other business in the same market as you. This is especially important if you run an online business in a competitive niche! Focus on using the same logos, colours and graphics throughout your online presence and you’ll develop a unique brand identity of your own!

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