Are you struggling to find your own unique style for your blog or business?

Struggling to find your own unique business?


So you probably already know that having an individual brand style is vital for the success of your blog or business.

Creating your own unique look helps readers and customers recognise your brand and your content which makes them more likely to become regular visitors, leading to paying customers… And thats what we all want, right?!

So how do you create you own unique and recognisable style?

Well, you need to start with discovering what makes your blog or business special and how you can reflect this in your brands style. For customers to be able to recognise your business you must keep a consistent look across all your content. To do this, you will need to create a style guide.

A style guide is the best way to help you maintain a professional design for your blog or business.

Every time you create content for your site and you are wondering what colour, font, image or logo should I use for this? Your style guide can answer that, which helps you save a lot of time!

How to Create a Style Guide For Your Brand
Brand Moodboard Template
Style Guide Question Sheet
Style Guide Template

I created my style guide kit to help you refresh your brand image and keep a consistent style throughout your website and content.

Here’s what it covers:

  • What a style guide is and why you should be using one to better your brand image.
  • 15 branding questions sheet to help you fully understand what you want to achieve from you blog or business and how you can represent this using your brand design.
  • How to create and use an inspiration board to brainstorm ideas and styles that reflect your businesses intentions.
  • A free Adobe Photoshop mood board template so you can customise your own mood board to represent your brand and inspire your content and style.
  • How to choose a colour scheme, fonts, logos and banners to keep a consistent look throughout your site.
  • Customising your social media platforms to represent your brand to create a cohesive appearance throughout your online presence.
  • Stylising your icons, buttons and favicon to complete your look.
  • A free Adobe Illustrator style guide template so you can document all the details of your new brand identity. 

How can I get all this for FREE?

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I also send out weekly emails with additional design and blogging tips, along with free printables and worksheets to help you take your blog to the next level. 

I can’t wait for you to join me on this journey, and I hope you stick around so we can create some amazing projects together!

Free Style Guide Kit

overview of what the 'style guide kit' includes:

  • Easy to follow, 10 step PDF guide on 'how to create your own visual style guide'.
  • Branding question worksheet to help you find your blog style.
  • Mood board template.
  • Style guide template.
  • The knowledge to create your new style guide and refresh your brand or business with a new look.